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Whateva you require in Web Work, "Whateva" can produce it for you. there is no limit to any boundaries. You need to stand out in the crowd, You need to be seen. This is what "Whateva" will do! Whateva it takes, Whateva you what, "Whateva" can take you to the next level. SEO is required to Stand out in the crowd.

Brisbane SEO services are provided by Whateva. SEO Brisbane is the key to being seen in the very big world of the internet

Its just not good enough have our web site built to look pretty, we had too stand out from our competitors, Whateva did that! They made us a successful online business"

Whateva is not challenged by any ideas or scope of work. Its experience is greatly admired by its peers. Admiration is recognized by the challengers that they concur.

Whateva Delievers

Whateva delievers whateva is required plus more. Its strong backing in all types of programming enables it to succeed in the Industry that demands expertise and reliability. With that delivery comes the knowledge that you as a customer can be assured that you can expect what you desire.


  • Ajax
  • Perl/CGI
  • C/C++
  • CMS
  • Graphic Design
  • Javascript
  • MS Access
  • MS SQL
  • Marketing
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQL
  • Script Installation
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Security
  • Site Administration
  • Visual Basic
  • Website Design
  • XML
From the simple 3 page static website to a site that has all ecommerce requirements to that of a large shopping centre, Whateva can build you your desired project.

Whateva - Whatever - Woteva - Wotever

Whateva can also supply you with the needs of

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Domain Registration

Web Hosting

Site Contruction and Maintance

Application Development

1300/1800 Number Supply and Allocation

Some examples of site produced and maintained

Below are just some of the sites that Whateva.com.au has built.

http://www.formalkids.com.au - Built and SEO maintained - Top Ranked in Google for all Keywords

http://www.execukids.com.au - Built and SEO maintained - Top Ranked in Google for all Keywords

http://www.boyssuits.net.au - Built and SEO maintained - Top Ranked in Google for all Keywords - Leader Site

http://www.nlscu.com.au - Largest School in QLD - Online School uniform site - Shopping Cart Site

http://formalsuperstore.com.au - Built and SEO maintained - Highly Ranked in Google for all Keywords - New Site

http://www.formalkidsandbridal.com.au - Built - New Site

http://www.Twiddlebugs.com.au - Built - New Site

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Email: Phil@whateva.com.au

0412 006 005

Its just not good enough being on the internet - You need stand out from the crowd